Raising the Bar. It is an attitude each member of the A&H team brings to every project. We welcome and reward those who share this mindset. If you are a self-motivated individual and believe you have something to contribute to our dynamic team, we invite you to apply today. All non-supervisory installation positions are filled in partnership with the Iron Workers Union, Local 720.

Current Opportunities

Submit resumes by email to careers@ah-steel.com 

Reinforcing Ironworker/Rodbuster:

Rodbusting isn’t easy.

That’s why it takes a special kind of person to stick with it long enough to be considered one of the best in the reinforcing steel industry. You have succeeded where many others have failed to make this job a career. That says a lot about the kind of person you are. We know that because rebar is our life. It’s all we do and we’re the best at it.

A&H Steel is looking for skilled people like you to help complete one of our bigger jobs before the snow flies. For the rest of the season, you will be part of a dedicated team focused only on producing the highest quality product for our most important customers yet, the people of Edmonton. We are willing to support a limited number of qualified, hardworking, Ironworkers from across Canada to come to Edmonton for the remainder of the project. More details will be given to applicants that move through the first screening.

Rebar Fabrication Operator:

You know how good you are at what you do. You’re proud of it and you should be!

You’ve worked hard to get the knowledge and skill it takes to bend or cut bar correctly the first time, every time. There is a hell of a lot more to know about bending and cutting than just pushing a button on a machine. It’s not “just a job,” it’s a career.

Our fabrication team is the backbone of our growing company. The skill, talent, and commitment of our operators is the reason we can make and keep our promises with our clients. Without the shop, we can’t do what we do, and that’s why A&H Steel is always looking for the best Rebar Fabrication Operators to join our already amazing team.

If anyone could do the job, we would hire anyone. But, just anyone can’t do the job. So we need you!