A&H Steel Vancouver is a new and fast moving company to the Maple Ridge Area. We are committed to having a big impact on the success of our customers. A&H has a company-wide commitment to be at the forefront of innovative practices and procedures, and provide efficient and reliable service as a reinforcing steel provider.

Raising the Bar. It is an attitude each member of the A&H team brings to every project. We are raising the bar for the construction industry, focusing on integrity, responsibility, authenticity, and making a difference (with your help, of course). We welcome and reward those who share this mindset. If you are a self-motivated individual and believe you have something to contribute to our dynamic team, we invite you to apply today.

Current Opportunities in Vancouver

Submit resumes by email to careers@ah-steel.com

Rebar Fabrication Production Supervisor:

If being able to lead a strong team to reach big goals was easy, everyone would do it. Well, it’s not and that makes you better than most.

You know that leadership and management are not the same thing. Leadership is about building relationships with people so they are moved to action, management is about looking after all the pieces of the job and the people responsible for doing the job. You have experience with both and you have the desire, ambition and stamina to build something new by leveraging all of your talent. 

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Equipment & Building Maintenance Technician:

You’ve seen it all haven’t you? Everything from worn bearings to complete equipment failures. And none of it scares you from getting at it.

Creative problem solving isn’t easy to teach in the world of equipment. All the books and tutorials aren’t any good if you can’t think on your feet and under pressure. You’ve been at this for a while, so you have the experience to dig in and get your hands dirty when equipment needs to get back online. “Time is Money” means something to you and getting the job done right, the first time, is what you bring to the industry. Every time.

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