Construction professionals rely on rebar for its support and flexibility. The same principles drive their decision to choose A&H Steel. A&H Steel provides an integrated, full-service offering of rebar products and services required on successful commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and infrastructure projects of all scope and complexity.



Accurately estimating a job requires three things: in-depth knowledge of the rebar process; a firm understanding of the type of construction at hand; and the experience to anticipate needs and challenges that other rebar providers often miss. Based on your structural drawings, A&H will provide a comprehensive estimate that includes all required products and services. You can count on us for competitive prices based on the highest quality standards.

As a full-service rebar company, our estimators have the benefit of collaborating with our in-house detailers and placing crews to determine if there are ways to maximize efficiencies and pass these savings on to the client. In some cases, we may determine the design cannot be built as required, and will consult with your team to find a practical solution. We can bid supply-only or supply and install.


Our team is always working to find innovative ways to meet your structural demands, while providing value-added design solutions.

Based on the structural drawings provided by our clients, the A&H Detailing department will develop comprehensive placing drawings outlining all rebar requirements and placements. We will identify any areas that require clarification, or omissions. Placement drawings will be sent to your engineering team for review, and any required revisions will be incorporated.


With our 63,000 sq ft of fabrication facilities, A&H Steel has the capacity, expertise and supply to handle commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and infrastructure rebar jobs of all sizes. No job is too big or too small. Our lean manufacturing processes and relationship with Local 720 of the Iron Workers Union allow us to efficiently scale up production as required. Our production meets CSA standards. We are a COR Certified production facility.

A&H Steel Ltd. works all grades of reinforcing steel (from 10M to 55M) in straight lengths. All bar can be supplied as is, or be cut and bent to suit your job requirements. We also hand-assemble cages of all dimensions for column construction. As part of our quality control process, drawings are verified twice before going into production. A&H Steel employs advanced material tracking software that outlines all requirement to the exact detail, and provides real-time progress updates.


A&H Steel provides professional on-site installation on some of the largest and most complex construction projects in western Canada. This includes major civic transportation infrastructure projects at the provincial and municipal levels, the Edmonton Arena Project (Rogers Place) and several industrial builds in the Athabasca Oil Sands.

When our crew is on-site, your project is in good hands. We have established a reputation among the most trusted and reliable installers due to our track record for quality control, on-site safety, on-time completion and overall professionalism. A dedicated A&H Site Supervisor acts as a liaison between the client and our installation crew, ensuring the job is up to both your high standard – and our own.

A&H Steel single-source supplier

While all products and services are available on a standalone basis, A&H Steel offers several advantages as a proven, single-source supplier.

  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Better value and economics
  • Superior communications and accountability

All projects are assigned a dedicated project manager. The project manager is responsible for making sure the project runs smoothly and follows A&H’s rigorous safety program and quality control measures.


A full line of rebar and rebar accessories

A&H Steel Ltd. stocks all grades of reinforcing steel in the straight lengths listed below. These bars can be supplied as is, or be cut and bent to suit your job requirements. Rebar grades and coatings available are black, epoxy, weldable GFRP, ChromX, stainless steel and hot dip galvanized. We also stock rebar coils in 10M and 15M for use in our automatic benders. Smooth bar is stocked for use as construction joint dowels.

For detailed information on specific products, contact our sales team to request a tech sheet.

Stock Lengths

6000mm (19’-8”)
9000mm (29′-6″)
12000mm (39’-4”)
18000mm (59′-1″)

Stock Lengths

9000mm (29′-6″)
12000mm (39’-4”)
15000mm (49’-2”)
18000mm (59’-1”)

Stock Lengths

12000mm (39′-4″)
15000mm (49′-2″)
18000mm (59′-1″)

Stock Lengths

12000mm (39′-4″)
15000mm (49′-2″)
18000mm (59′-1″)

Stock Lengths

12000mm (39′-4″)
18000mm (59′-1″)

Stock Lengths

18000mm (59’-1″)

Available upon request

Mesh sheets can also be hot dip galvanized.

102X102 X 9.1/9.1 (4″X4″ X 10″/10″)
102X102 X 13.3/13.3 (4“X4” X 8”/8”)
102X102 X 18.7/18.7 (4X4” X 6”/6”)
102X102 X 25.8/25.8 (4“X4” X 4”/4”)

152×152 X 9.1/9.1 (6”X6” X 10”/10”)
152×152 X 13.3/13.3 (6“X6” X 8”/8”)
152×152 X 18.7/18.7 (6X6” X 6”/6”)
152×152 X 25.8/25.8 (6“X6” X 4”/4”)
152×152 X 34.9/34.9 (6“X6” X 2”/2”)
152×152 X 47.6/47.6 (6“X6” X 0”/0”)

305X305 X 18.7/18.7 (12”X12” X 6”/6”)
305X305 X 25.8/25.8 (12”X12” X 4”/4”)
305X305 X 34.9/34.9 (12”X12” X 2”/2”)
305X305 X 47.6/47.6 (12”X12” X 0”/0”)
305X305 X 51.6/51.6 (12”X12” X 00”/00”)
305X305 X 67.1/67.1 (12”X12” X 000”/000”)

A&H stocks the following:

  • Plastic rebar chairs ranging in size from ½” to 9″
  • Concrete blocks for slab on grade applications
  • 16½ gauge annealed wire for tying

An alternative way of splicing rebar is through the use of a mechanical coupler. Couplers are used when there is a need for a continuous bar or when there is not enough room to splice bars with a conventional lap splice. A&H stocks a variety of styles and sizes including:

Please contact us for availability and pricing. A&H Steel will source products not listed in our current inventory.